Slot Overview: Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2

Towards the twilight of the 2020s, Stakelogic and Hurricane Games collaborated on a game called Candyways Bonanza Megaways, in which players traverse an area littered with candies. The game was a sweet extravaganza and was played on a three-reel Megaways matrix with large multipliers to make up for the absence of a cascade. Fans of the original will be pleased to learn that the game’s thrilling multipliers have returned in this sequel, which is set in a more traditional Megaways game grid and has the addition of cascades.

The scenery is still very much like that of a snow cone or a soft whipped ice cream or candy floss, so not much has changed there. It’s a perspective that’s become virtually required when making a candy slot, so fans of the genre will be familiar with it. The accompaniment, reminiscent of a piano playing softly in the background, is similarly harmless.

The grid in the midst of the sugar heaven is the only difference. This time around, there are 6 standard reels with 2–7 symbols per position and a bonus reel with 4 positions. With up to 117,649 possible paylines, the amount of symbols in view fluctuates with each play. Additionally, a previously unavailable cascade function is activated if symbols form winning combinations. The volatility of the game has increased and the return to player value has dropped to 95.79%. There are two options available for determining the stakes. The minimum wager is 20 pence and the maximum is £/€20 each spin, with an additional option to “super stake” by doubling the bet. Doing so doubles the odds of triggering free games by increasing the amount of scatter symbols on the reels.

Although the plastic-looking icons aren’t quite appetizing, the whole paytable is dedicated to sweets. There are 10 of them, and they all seem the same, making it difficult to distinguish between the low and high paying ones. Keep a look out for the red, dark blue, and yellow cards, since a six of a type of these is worth 2x to 12x the stake. The remaining group can return anywhere from 0.6x to 1.5x the initial wager for a full house. When the mystery feature is activated, a wild symbol might appear on any reel and contribute to winning combinations. Any non-wild pay symbols can be replaced with a wild.

Candies, Bonanza, and Megaways 2 Slot Machine Added Bonuses

In Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2, the objective is to get free games by either getting the necessary amount of scatters or spending real money to do so. Multiplier symbols appear during free games, while the mystery symbol might appear at any time on the first reel. The hidden symbols change into a winning combination at random. The selected icon and any adjacent ones on the central reel will thereafter be transformed into wilds.

Bonus Turns

The scatter sign is an assortment of chocolate-covered things. Free games are triggered when a cascade ends with four or more scatter symbols still in view. This time around, there are three distinct free spin bonus rounds from which players can pick:

There are 15 Super Free Spins with multipliers between 2x and 30x.

The Mega Free Spins feature awards 10 extra spins with multipliers ranging from 2x to 50x.

The Insane Free Spins feature awards 8 bonus spins with multipliers ranging from 2x to 100x the wager.

During the bonus round, the above-mentioned multiplier symbols may land. All visible multiplier symbols are totaled up and applied to the win for that free spin once the cascades have concluded. Remember that there are no wild symbols among them. Finally, the amount of free spins is reset to the original value if 4 or more scatters appear in view.

Game of Chance

The Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2 slot machine now also includes the usual Stakelogic gamble function. Players may have the option to risk their winnings on a subsequent bet. If you correctly guess the suit of a hidden card, you’ll receive four times as much, and if you correctly predict the color, you’ll receive twice as much. However, if you guess incorrectly, you’ll lose everything.

Slot Review: Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2

The studio couldn’t resist the sweet temptation of revisiting Candyways Bonanza Megaways, so they’re back for more. The success of the first game likely had a major role in inspiring the sequel. Like most sequels, Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2 ups the ante in every way: the game grid is bigger, cascades have been added, the bonus game features a spins picker, and the payout possibility is more. Part one’s appeal (heavily influenced by Sweet Bonanza) remains intact in Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2, but players now get to enjoy the game on a standard Megaways layout.

It’s just as much fun as ever to get on a winning streak in Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2. Even more so, thanks to the enchantment of cascades. Cascades are fun in the normal game, but they’re much better in free spins when you obtain a string of them before the multipliers come in. The reward potential hasn’t exactly doubled despite the fact that the number of reels has been increased by a factor of two. However, consuming an ear wax flavored Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Bean is not on par with winning 30,000x your stake in Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2.

The original Candyways Bonanza Megaways was so popular because it was so different from other Megaways games since it only had three reels instead of the standard six. So, it’s debatable if the sequel will earn or lose followers by returning to a more traditional Megaways scenario. Increased chances of winning and more free spins with many options more than make up for any flaws, making Candyways Bonanza Megaways 2 as delightful as the original.

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