Dealing with Quarantine While Staying Employed

As the Corona outbreak continues, more and more people in the workforce are starting to work remotely. Companies around the world are closing their offices and figuring out how to transition to working from home. Many employees are settling into a routine of working from home. However, not everyone has the luxury of that possibility; for many, their jobs are not possible from any other location. If you’re wondering about ways of dealing with quarantine, then keep reading!

One thing that we will see once we’ve beaten Covid-19 is how successful remote work can be on a more sustainable scale. We’re sure that dealing with quarantine will inspire many people to pursue jobs that allow them to work remotely.

When people imagine remote job opportunities, it doesn’t always seem lucrative. In addition, most people could not separate real opportunities from all the false promises and scams. There were far too many financial schemes that require you to invest up-front before you could see any profit. Then there were also envelope-stuffing scams, which turned out to be pyramid schemes.

Many people subscribe to the thinking that dealing with quarantine while being gainfully employed is not possible, but today nothing could be further from the truth.

While sketchy remote jobs still exist, there is an emergence of many new opportunities in 2020. Not only are these jobs legitimate, but they are also lucrative and come with great pay and job satisfaction than many other fields.

Our site can offer you valuable tips for dealing with quarantine, lucrative fields, and exotic hotspots that suit a remote lifestyle.

The Best Jobs for Dealing with Quarantine

For some people, the idea of being a “Digital Nomad” who can hang out on a beach in Bali or a coffee shop anywhere in the world while making six figures is the dream. Many people have made this dream their reality and do just that. For most of them, dealing with quarantine might affect their social lives, but not their finances.


Digital Nomads have freedom most people could only imagine. They can travel wherever they like, meet new people every day, and, more importantly, design their own work schedule. Imagine spending your mornings in a café, working over breakfast, and your afternoons on the beach. Later you head back to your lodgings to get another hour or two of work in before going to dinner.


Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? You must admit that the idea of dealing with quarantine while not having to worry about your job is incredible. The community of people who live this way is growing so quickly that certain hotspots are changing to accommodate them. For example, you will find popular cities in countries like Bali, Thailand, and Columbia full of shared workspaces geared toward the digital lifestyle.


Having so many employees living precisely like this puts us in a great position to report on this topic of increasing interest. So, we checked in with them on ways they are dealing with quarantine by keeping busy with work.

Some Great Fields to Get into If You Crave A More Flexible Lifestyle

Of course, not everyone who works in information technology lands a job and immediately moves to a country where they can wear flip flops all day. It sometimes takes years to get to the level where you are stable enough to leave your home city

Likewise, many people who work in the following areas have more or less a regular routine and lifestyle. For some living, the Digital Nomad lifestyle is not necessarily the dream.

  • Graphic and Web Designers – Graphic and Web designers either work on a freelance basis for different clients or full time. They usually spend many years studying to get into this field, but it pays off big time. Web and graphic design jobs are in high demand, and the future is very optimistic.


  • Translators – Those that are bilingual or know multiple languages can search for work as translators. Translator jobs are usually freelance in which you can work remotely. The job entails translating articles, web pages, books, and more.


  • Digital Creators and Writers – You don’t need to be Dostoevsky or Hemingway to work as a writer. The internet age means there is a high demand for the content that fills web pages. Digital creators and Content Writers produce everything from graphics, videos, blogs, and core content. They typically work on a freelance basis remotely.


  • Customer Service Manager – Many online retailers are dealing with quarantine by hiring one or more remote employees to manage customer inquiries. If you’ve ever requested customer support via “chat” on a website, it was likely answered by a freelance agent working remotely. If you have relevant experience and great people skills, this is something you can pursue.
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Popular Destinations for Remote Workers

Working remotely is not ideal for everyone. Some individuals lack the discipline it takes to get your work done while living in attractive and fun locations. For some people, the structure of going into an office and have a manager that directly holds them accountable is a more productive scenario.

But some people thrive when they have flexibility; for some, they can get more work done in 4 highly productive hours than in 8 hours confined to a desk. These people have no problem spending their time exploring different regions while working.

Popular Destinations for Remote Workers
Dealing with Quarantine

These are some of the location’s remote workers flock to:

  1. Chiang Mai, Thailand, is a top spot for anyone who works remotely. The local culture, mixed with a variety of cuisines and beaches everywhere, is ideal.
  2. Canggu, Bali, Indonesia is a trendy destination; it has a ton of co-working spaces, cafes, and beaches.
  3. Lisbon, Portugal, is a charming European city that is attracting a large number of remote workers.
  4. Buenos Aires, Argentina, is an affordable city to live in that has many shared workspaces. The blend of cuisines and local cultures continues to attract
  5. Medellin, Colombia, offers every luxury and comfort of a large city but has a low cost of living, reliable internet, and great workspaces.

Other cities worth mentioning that are up and coming include Batumi, Georgia, Tel Aviv Israel, Berlin, Germany, Porto, Portugal, Valencia, Spain, and Bangkok, Thailand. Moreover, as the world heads towards a more tech-friendly place, more and more new locations to work from emerge!

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