Want to Find Some Fun Home Activities?

Fun Home Activities

Are you feeling bored out of your mind at this point? Don’t worry. You’re not alone; a quick scroll through your social media will show you that almost everyone in your circle is experiencing the same sentiment. We’re reaching the two to the three-week stage of the Corona outbreak quarantine in most places and running out of fun home activities to do!

Most of us are trying to come up with creative ways to keep ourselves entertained. After all, there are only so many memes and funny videos you can watch in a day.

Firstly, there is always something productive you’re likely putting off doing, like organizing your closet or cleaning up. However, let’s stick to the fun things since that’s what you’re here for. We won’t guilt you into doing anything tedious.

There are a lot of enjoyable activities you can do at home, so let’s jump right in.

Fun Home Activities – Food Related Fun!

The following are all fun home activities that revolve around something we all have in common, food! We’re aware that in some areas, there may be shortages in certain items, but if that’s not the case for you, read on.

  1. Have an international dinner

Choose a country whose cuisine you love or would like to try and do it! Now is the perfect opportunity to try cooking different types of food. Since we won’t be doing any traveling soon, you can bring another country to you with fun home activities that include trying new foods.

You can even take a step further by dressing in similar clothes that are worn in the country of your choice.

  • Make a picnic inside

This is even better if you have a backyard, you can hold a backyard picnic. It’s also a great way to soak up some immune-boosting vitamin D!

  • Try making a cooking video

Just for fun, you can create your own cooking show; doing this with friends is a great way to pass the time. You can choose a recipe and film yourself making it while adding in your own commentary.

Other Fun Things to Do

There’s a lot of different things to do if you’re not in the mood to cook. Try watching movies, playing board games, or online games.

Here are a few other fun home activities if you’re feeling bored:

Start a virtual book club – you can start a book club with friends who love to read. Every week choose one book that you’ll all read. Thanks to e-books, it’s easier than ever to buy books without leaving home. At the end of the week, arrange a group chat on Zoom to discuss!

Get Addicted to a New Show – You can find countless lists of shows to watch based on what you like already. A quick search will yield tons of the most popular shows. There’s nothing better than finding a show you love that already has a few seasons waiting for you!